Many homeowners think they are waterproofing their foundations when, in fact, they are simply being “damp-proofed.” Don’t be misled! While damp-proofing products may block water vapor transmission, they do little to nothing to prevent the negative effects of groundwater.

A Tru-Form waterproofing application will protect a building’s value; improve energy efficiency; and prevent foundation wall leaks, seepage and interior condensation.

With years of experience in the field, we are pleased to use Tremco Barrier Systems for all our waterproofing needs. And our workers are specially trained in proper application techniques.

Learn more about the benefits of Tremco Barrier Solutions on their website. Feel free to ask for our professional advice on what product makes most sense for you.

Choose the Tuff-N-Dri seamless waterproofing membrane with a full 8 feet of hydrostatic head resistance and a 30-year performance warranty if water at your site is a serious concern. For excellent performance at many of our client sites, Tremco’s Watchdog H3 is a good economical choice – still all the benefits of waterproofing versus damp-proofing at four times the thickness of a typical damp-proofing product. The Watchdog sealant offers 3 feet of hydrostatic head resistance and a 10-year performance warranty.